The Era of Associating Nerds with Gaming is Gone!

In 2006 when South Park released their episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” that jokingly portrayed the average gamer as fat, nerdy, and most importantly of all – having no life. The Angry Nintendo Nerd Youtube channel starring James Rolfe’s nerdy looking character that always got pissed off (and i mean SUPER pissed off) whenever he played video games also revealed the perception that society had towards gamers. Heck perhaps a lot of these stereotypes are even true to some extent. That era however, has ended.

In today’s world, video gaming, and in particular, esports, is the new cool. Many colleges and even high schools have already established school gaming teams for games like League of Legends and Counter Strike:GO. According the SuperData Research, the esports industry as a whole is worth approximately $892 million. To give a more intuitive stat on the just how popular the esports phenomenon has become, Riot has stated that the World Championships for League of Legends in 2016 was watched by 32 million people, 10% of the United States population. On top of that, sites like Twitch have boasted their extremely impressive numbers of over 100 million monthly unique visitors and if there are these many viewers simply watching other people play games, imagine how players there are actually gaming and fans of competitive gaming.

The days of stereotyping hard-core gamers as being nerds have long past, and yes the term is still used quite frequently, but only in a half-hearted and joking manner that perhaps reminds us a bit of what it was like in the past. Afterall, if playing video games made someone a nerd, then there sure are a lot of them out there!

The whole gaming culture as a whole has become so prevalent that it’s now covered by mainstream outlets such as ESPN  This over 500+ million dollar industry has attracted reached the attentions of mainstream media as pro players like  Streaming games  is the new big thing with Twitch having over 100+ million monthly unique users. Heck I remember when started getting popular as well. James Rolfe, the creator of this infamously funny Youtube series,

It’s always great to see female gamers compete and do well across all the various competitive games that encompass this era of esports. Despite what some may think, there have been a lot of really successful female gamers that have made huge waves in the pro scene. Here’s a list of the top 10 most accomplished female gamers that have pioneered their way to the top of the esports world!