5 Super High Ranked Female LoL Streamers to watch!

It’s a stereotype that has existed for as long as esports and gaming itself – girl gamers just aren’t good at games. Well here’s 5 popular League of Legends streamers that are certainly ranked far higher than most of us!


Renchaa’s Stream

Renchaa actually hasn’t been streaming much but she has said in her channel that she’ll start being a lot more active. Though she’s not in on the streaming business as much as the others on this list, she makes up with it by being so darn good at the game. She has two accounts, her eu-west account is currently Challenger at 500 points and she also has an eune account in Diamond 2. She queues mid/sup with a ton of Fizz games on her eune account. Her signature champion though is definitely Bard, with tons of games played of that champion on both accounts. Lets hope she starts streaming more because this girl’s got some skills.



Radpuppy’s Stream

This awesome gamer queues ADC/Jungle and has been hovering around Diamond for the past two seasons now. What makes her so fun to watch is that she’s got some real diversity in her champion pool and unlike many girls, she doesn’t ever queue support. Her most played champs are Jhin, Shyvana, and Kha’zix and she has some amazing stats on them.



Behkuh’s Stream

Behkuh has been able to get Diamond on two accounts now. She actually streamed herself getting Diamond 5 on a smurf account in only 120 games without any duo queuing at all. She’s also a very versatile player and has shown that she can play any role at a high level. Recently her most played champions have been Lux in the mid lane and Kennen/Illaoi in the top. It’s always amazing to see players able to do so well in any position they find themselves in which is exactly what Behkuh excels at.



Pokimane’s Stream

IGN: Pokimane Rank: Diamond 3

Pokimane is not new to the Diamond arena as she’s consistently been hovering around mid-Diamond for 3 seasons now. She queues mid/sup and her best champs are Morgana support and Lux Middle. Though she does queue middle as her main role and prefers it, queuing support as an off-role often times means you get it. Definitely check out this girl stream because her high energy is infectious.


Yathatwasabanana’s Stream

Having been Challenger this season at 500 lp, Fiona not only shows that girl gamers can play just as well as guys, but that support mains can climb the ranks as well. Her go-to supports this season are Janna, Karma, and Nami and when you watch her stream you can tell she really knows her stuff. Though she does duo queue often with god-tier players like C9 Sneaky which might inflate her rank a bit, her solid stats along with K/D/A shows that she can definitely hang with the best of them.