Top 10 Female Streamers Currently

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With how fast esports is growing and how popular streaming has become, it’s hard to keep up with all the new faces out there on Twitch. Some channels have been around for years while others started just a few months ago.  Well for those of us that need a little refresher on who’s out there gaming, here’s a list of the top 10 most popular female streamers that are currently streaming on a daily basis.



She’s been streaming for over 3 years now and has developed a huge following as a pretty badass girl while playing CS:GO. She’s a member of The Peep Crew Family group on Youtube as well as a member of the Daddy Crew on Twitch. 2mgovercsquared’s Stream




Dizzykitten is more new to streaming than most of the girls that will be on this list but wow has her popularity grown. With over 400,000 followers on her twitch account, it wouldn’t be surprising if she becomes one of the most popular streamers out there. She has this pleasant personality that just makes people want to hang around with her  and watch her play. She mostly streams CS:GO and though she might not be the best player in the world at it, it doesn’t really matter because she provides some awesome entertainment for all of us. Dizzykitten’s Stream




Though not an actual rager, Miss_rage is one of the best streamers out there at keeping her audience engaged. Whether its her gameplay commentary, free giveaways, or Q&A’s, she manages to always put on a show. Some of the games she streams include CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, and WoW and she’s quite good at some of them as she’s achieved Global Elite in CS:GO which is truly an impressive feat. Miss_Rage’s Stream




She’s another streamer that has recently soared in popularity. Though she only has about 170,000 followers, she’s actually been getting more viewers than many streamers on this list. Not only is her surging popularity impressive, but her gameplay is as well as she has streamed herself getting Diamond 5 in 120 games without needing to even duo queue! Behkuh’s Stream




Legendarylea has made a name for herself as a very forthright girl that isn’t afraid to show some skin at times. This occuring theme even got her temp-banned on twitch for 30 days because she flashed to her viewers. Though she used to compete in H1Z1, she mostly streams Hearthstone as well as CS:GO and WoW these days. With her natural charm and dedication towards streaming after graduating from USCD with a major in both Physiology and Neuroscience, this streamer has really made huge waves in 2016. Legendarylea’s Stream



With her awesome personality and stunning looks, Pokimane has been able to rack up over 240,000 followers in just 2 years. She’s also very skilled in League of Legends and has 2 accounts in Diamond. As a Moroccan living in Canada, this girl is a trilingual and can speak English, French, and even Darija. She is currently studying Chemical Engineering at McMaster University but still manages to somehow stream basically everyday! Also keep an eye out for the signature punches that she throws towards her webcam because this girl plays to win!  Pokimane’s Stream



Known as one of the all-time greatest twitch trolls, Kaceytron really made a name for herself in 2015 when a few videos of hers that went viral on reddit and youtube. Her unique streaming personality focuses on humouring her entertainers by actually trolling them and the stream is almost entirely centralized around her as an entertainer as oppose to her gameplay. This method she uses has made her a legendary figure in the LoL community rivaling other legendary streamers like Tyler1. Though recently her craze has went down, she is still very popular and has expanded to streaming all sorts of games. Kaceytron’s Stream



Hafu is the only one on this list that also made it onto our other list of the top 10 most successful professional female esports competitors of all time. Many gamers have found themselves deciding whether to focus their career on being a full-time streamer or being a pro esports competitor, yet Hafu has managed to find a way to do both with her strong work ethic and amazing raw talent. Though she has found success in a multitude of different games such as LoL, WoW, and Bloodline Champions, she is currently spending most of her time playing and competing in Hearthstones. Itshafu’s Stream



This Canadian girl can sure put in the hours as she’s been shown time and time again to stream for 12+ hours in a row. She plays a variety of games with CS:GO and Overwatch being some of her favorites. She is super interactive and engages her stream constantly which is why she’s been able to rack up such an amazing following of over 750,000 followers on Twitch. Kittyplays’ Stream



Unlike the previous 2 mentions on this list, Kelsie is a far less controversial figure that started streaming on twitch in 2013 and has steadily built up a huge fanbase throughout the years. She’s a League of Legends player that mains mid with her 3 favorite champions being Ahri, Lux, and Brand. She sometimes shows her 2 adorable cats on stream and has a personality that you can fall in love with. Kaypealol’s Stream